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Relieve Back Pain

How does massage relieve muscle pain? 

Massage can be very effective in the relief and discomfort of pain, muscle tension or spasms.

The intervention strategies used by the massage therapist increase circulation to the area of discomfort as well as throughout the entire body. This increase in circulation takes freshly re oxygenated blood to the area of pain. This infusion of oxygenated blood, along with the manipulation of the muscle and surrounding connectivie tissue, encourages the relaxation of tense and painful muscles. With the spasms relieved, pain quickly dissipates. The manipulation also aids in the elimination of toxins and other waste from the muscle fibers. 

Your massage therapist will encourage you to drink more water to support the elimination of the toxins and waste. You will also be encouraged to apply ice to previously sore and tight areas. The ice will promote additional healing and will soothe overworked muscles. Proper nutrition, frequent massage, and stretching will help to prevent the conditions that created the pain and muscle tension formation. It may be necessary to modify ergonomics in the workplace also.

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